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Welcome on the website, which dmuchance dla dzieci presents the highest offer dmuchańców such as inflatable castles, slides, anhydrous pools, climb walls, inflatable appropriate otherwise delightful facilities such as long as trampolines, rides, playgrounds, eurobungee, annex vending machines or Boxers, diggers, hammers, air hockey.

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- The stage, speak system
- Concerts (choice of about 100 contractors)
- Inflatable attractions as boyhood annex adults
- Maintenance
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- Clowns, stilt walkers, mascots
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- Hostesses
- Magicians
- Shows releasing bubbles, culminating at a bubble
- Field day appropriate activities being as how boyhood annex adults.

The basic lease adduce benefit ability includes:

Parking auto being as how 8 hours.
OC inside PZU Insurance
Person on route to flick This Site equipment
Assembly, demolition annex transport buffer